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Stress-Free Claims.

Why Choose Claims Specialist?

Imagine purchasing a vehicle with the value of between R500k and R1 million. Your vehicle is damaged or stolen, and your insurer does not honour your claim under the terms of your insurance policy. You would still be liable for all instalments on your vehicle for the duration of your Vehicle Finance Contract, should it be financed through a bank. Who then would assist you in trying to get paid by your insurer?

If you are thinking that you could use the services of your insurance broker or any lawyer, the next question you should be asking is, “Does my broker or lawyer specialise in insurance-related claims?” Insurance and Insurance Law are highly specialised fields, and our staff and preferred lawyers are insurance claims specialists. Most insurance lawyers represent the big insurers, not the actual insured.

Stress-Free Claims Specialist

For the first time, Claims Specialist has a staff of legally trained insurance specialists and preferred lawyers structured to assist you as a client in challenging the big insurers that repudiate claims. We have a team of insurance claims specialists and preferred lawyers who specialise in filing claims on behalf of clients. When you have a broker, he or she is usually obligated to the insurance company.

We take you back to when you made the decision to purchase life insurance on yourself so that you could protect your family financially in the event of your passing. Should you pass away and, for whatever reason, your insurer repudiate the claim for your life insurance, who will support and assist your spouse? Considering that it would be a difficult time for your spouse during their mourning period, they would not be in the best mental health to fight a large insurer to have your claim honored.

This is precisely the reason that we have structured our service to assist not only clients who have suffered losses on short-term insurance, i.e., motor vehicle insurance and building insurance, but also to assist bereaved families while in mourning on long-term insurance claims. It is also challenging to take on big insurance companies when you are trying to get back on your feet after suffering a severe illness or disability and your insurance does not want to honour claims that you have made. This is again where we come in!

The Process After Repudiation Of Claim.

How Can We Help?

Dispute resolution that’s fair and impartial. That's why we're here to help. Our goal is to make sure you get the best possible service at the lowest cost.

Is It A Long- Or Short-Term Insurance Policy?

Long Term.

Death, funeral, disability, critical illness, etc.

Shot Term.

Vehicle, property, home contents, personal liability, etc.

Even after repudiation, it is recommended that further steps be taken to liaise directly with the insurer to resolve the claim.

Insurers in South Africa often have their own internal dispute resolution mechanism.

Should there be no desirable result for the claimant internally with the insurer – the matter may be referred to the Ombudsman for Long-Term and Short-Term Insurance.

Should you be unsuccessful with the Ombudsman for Long-Term Insurance, a complainant who or may apply to the Ombudsman for leave to appeal against it to a designated Appeal Tribunal.

If the insured is still not successful, then they have the option of LITIGATION and that is to institute summons against their insurer.

The question is then – should you have a claim repudiated, do you have the time, knowledge, experience to handle each of these processes?

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Why Choose Claims Specialist?

Making an insurance claim is a very personal matter. It can also be incredibly stressful and time consuming. CLAIMS SPECIALIST shall take the time to help you at the repudiation stage.

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